Quick start

This tutorial explains in detail the first steps to get started with Spacedraw. It is written also for novices to 3d-modeling, but should be read by experts as well to get used to the interface.

First steps

start Spacedraw

if you start the app for the first time, an empty scene is loaded

adjust the interface

The interface is adaptable to any screen-size and -resolution; Spacedraw tries to detect these and set the size of the menu-items accordingly itself, but may fail in some cases; if the "tappable" areas are to small or to large, first adjust the size settings:

explore the touch-areas

they are marked by fine green lines and divide it in rectangular zones, according to the image to the right. Touching the screen has different effects depending on the area where the touch starts

test tilt-view:

Creating a first model

This section describes in detail how to create a simple tower. It covers polygon- and patch-modeling, materials and lighting.
You can download the scene file without or with history (for more info on how to use these, see Resources)

If something goes wrong, you can undo any operation: slide into the screen from right over the green line at the right border, or tap close besides it; to redo, use the blue line below the green one (only visible if redo is possible)

create a prism

shape the tower

make it solid

build the prongs

create the globe

examine the tower

assign materials

 illuminate the scene

How to go on

To explore Spacedraw further, use the manual, e.g. draw some lines or curves, or load the other sample scenes.